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2023: When will the irrigation be completed on Springs 9 ?

As of April 2024, the irrigation project is 99% complete.  There will be no hole closures or major disruptions to play in the 2024 season.
Alpine Irrigation will have a couple bodies on site when water is turned on in 2024 to test some sprinklers that were installed after water was blown out of the irrigation system last year. A site walkthrough will be happening to go over any loose ends.

2024: Golf Canada was here in July 2023 for a review of the slope rating. Has there been any updates on this matter?

2024: Yes the course slope and rating changed in September 2023. The new slope and ratings are used when members enter scores but Golf Canada has not provided us with new charts yet so we do not know the specific changes to each course and tee. 

2024: Tee On used to provide access to members' email addresses and cell numbers. They no longer appear to be available. How come this was changed?

Tee-on does not publish member emails due to privacy concerns. Phone numbers are listed and you can send a message through the Tee-on roster but you cannot see the email address. This is not a change. 

2024 Mens League Credits/Winnings- How do we see them?

The men's night winnings do not show up on any statements but the pro shop can let you know your current balance at any time.

2024 Loyalty Points - Do they Expire and where do I find them?

Yes, they expire every two (2) years and you can find your total number of points on your monthly club statement.

2024 Loyalty Points - Tracking Your Expiry Dates

Club statements do not show members when their points were earned so it is best to redeem them as soon as possible.  The minimum redemption amount is 500 points.  Refer to the Loyalty Points section of this portal for more details.

2024 - Where do we redeem Loyalty Points

The Pro Shop will assit members with the redemption of points.