Club Committees

Handicap Committee

Role of the Committee:

  • Elbow Springs is affiliated with Golf Canada and as such, is required to maintain an active Handicap Committee.  Our Handicap Committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the golf club’s specified obligations and responsibilities under the Rules of Handicapping.
  • In addition to providing handicap reviews as required, we are also responsible for the education of our members on the rules of golf.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the committee should you have any questions or need  assistance.  

Committee Members:

Our Club Handicap Committee is comprised of the following people:

  • Colin Presley
  • Ryan Herbach
  • Mary Choquette

Volunteers Required:

Every year  we need a few volunteers to help with marshalling our Club Championships.  We are there to assist assist the players when needed and ensure each event and team maintains a solid pace of play.  We have 4 days where we need two volunteers for a few hours in the morning.     We provide you with instructions so let us know if you are interested by sending us a quick email.

Tournaments and Leagues Committee:

Role of the Tournament Committee:

Responsible planning, budgeting and carrying out the clubs 4 main events:  Spring Tournament, Stampede Tournament, Club Championship and Fall 19th Hole closing event.

Works closely with club management to deliver great events for members.

Committee Members:

  • Current Chair and Co Chair:  Mary Choquette and Marsha Graham
    • In addition to providing the Board of Directors with updates on tournaments and events, the Chair act as the primary liaison between the Board and the leagues.
  • Marsha Graham

Volunteers Required:

We are seeking a few volunteers to assist with these events.  We have established guidelines that  ensure we meet all the deadlines and we keep it well organized, so that volunteers do not have to allocate a lot of time when helping us out.  If you are interested and your ideas,send us an email.

Legacy Committee:

This committee is in its early stages of development and we plan to update this information by the end of June 2024 once we have finalized all the details.